How are your services priced?

Different factors determine our cost of service. The number of hours, particular duty requirements, location, and similar contributions are taken into account. We will be happy to meet you and discuss your specific needs.

Do you both supply and install the Alarm and CCTV Systems?

Yes, we are supplying and installing Alarm and CCTV Cameras for commercial, residential, and industrial purposes. We even supply alarm monitoring.

What are the alarm types which Secure Peaceuse?

Secure Peace is offering a full range of security products starting from home alarms to commercial alarms, medical alarms to personal alarms.

Are all your security officers insured and supervised?

Our security guard's check-in and check off duty is supervised by the automated software system. It verifies the location of the officers and keeps the record when the officers are on their duty. Our supervisors routinely monitor the team members’ performancewhen they are on the field.

Will my insurance premium be reduced after a home or business installation?

Many insurance companies apply a certain discount to your premium when you have installed a monitored system. Although the premiums you have to pay is variable with different insurers yet they take yourlocation, previous claims, and system coverage into account.