Alarm Installation & Monitoring
Alarm Installation & Monitoring

Alarm Installation & Monitoring in Mildura

Alarm Installation & Monitoring

Secure Peace is the leading service provider for security alarm installation and monitoring for the residential and commercial units throughout Mildura and Broken Hill.  Our alarm systems are trusted because of our reliability since we install the best quality equipment.

Alarm Installation Services in Mildura and Broken Hill

Residential and commercial security alarm systems suitable for your Mildura and Broken Hill have to be all effective, responsive, and user friendly for one and everyone. At Secure Peace, we are supplying and installing security alarm systems, whose designs are modern and easy to use. Our installers can easily get them connected to the required security devices, which include:

  • Reed Switches:

The magnetic switches are in two parts for fitting them on either side of the windows and doors. When you open the doors or the windows, the magnetic parts are separated and then the alarm gets activated.

  • Passive Infra-Red Detectors (PIRs):

The PIRs are the security devices for detecting movement or swift temperature changes caused by a moving body through the infra-red beams.

  • Duress Buttons:

These could be either "hard-wired" or wireless; the duress buttons emit an alarming sound once the buttons are pressed. These are wired for 24/7 hours operation. The duress buttons are highly useful for the elderly and those who are living alone.

  • Smoke Detectors:

Once the smoke detectors are installed, they constantly service to sample the air to detect the presence of smoke. Just as the smoke is detected, the alarm is activated. These are wired for 24/7 hours operation and they will even function when the alarm system is turned off.

Types of Security Alarm Systems Installed

Secure Peace is the most trusted firm in Mildura and Broken Hill for our righteous home and business alarm system installations. The different types of security alarm systems, features, services are suitable for different applications, which include:

  • Wireless Alarm Systems
  • CCTV System Installation
  • Hard Wire Security Alarm System
  • Industrial Security Alarms
  • Back to base monitored alarms
  • Multi-area and user Security alarms
  • Alarms that call a mobile phone
  • Motion Detection Alarms
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Panic Buttons
  • Medical Alarm Systems
  • Security Systems for Government Buildings
  • Holdup Button Alarms
  • Water Level and Temperature Alarms
  • Integrated Access Control Systems

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