Cash in Transit Security
Cash in Transit Security

Cash in Transit Security in Mildura

Cash in Transit Security

Secure Peace stands out as a specialized security company for our secure collection, processing, and transportation of monetary means and the related valuables for all our clients in and around  Mildura and  Sunraysia.  

For flawless cash in transit services all over Mildura and Sunraysia, we have employed state-of-the-art technology, wherein our discreet expert teams operate by wearing simple and plain-clothes and using masked vehicles for a secured transportation.  We are providing cash-in-transport security services for small, medium, and large-scale business firms.

Why Choose Secure Peace for Cash in Transit Services?

Our undertaken service methods guaranteed of safety have helped our clients establish their trust in us and thus we are working together for years. We are always ready to extend our services when you sign up with us.

Cash Collection Services:

Wearing plain clothes, our staff will meet you at the agreed premises at the decided time to pick up and secure your valuables.  Next, they will bring them to your bank driving in our marked vehicles and straight deposit to your account. Next, later they will deliver the bank deposit records to your office. This is what we call “Banking Courier Service” that we do at any time of the full 24 hours.

Cash Delivery Service

When the cash is to be delivered to the desired organization, feel free to contact us at Security Peace for our cash delivery services. It is our "Change Order Service" since sometimes our clients order small change for their trading needs. Thus, we pick up the amount to be changed in their specified denominations and directly deliver it to the specified address at the prescribed time.

Change Delivery

If your business is in need of a regular supply of coins and notes for facilitating the amount of change needed to go ahead with the business activities, then we are here to process and supply the needed amount of change in cash as required. You need not rely on the banks since we utiliser our own secured cash processing center.

Cash Processing

Cash processing is important so is banking it. With a 100% guarantee, we shall take care of your collection and reach your bank right on the same day when it had been collected.

Alongside, we are also offering in-house processing service, and our staff being specifically trained at counting and processing the collected cash do the needful. Once they have confirmed, they electronically transfer the total amount into your nominated account. You shall even receive a breakdown report.

Cash Counting Services:

When our clients are not willing to involve their clients to deal with accounting, then they trust our cash counting services. After collecting your cash, we count it with patience before we deposit to your bank account.

Vault and storage are even a part of our services. Have a quick talk with us for oureffective Cash-in-transit services.

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