CCTV Monitoring Service
CCTV Monitoring Service

CCTV Monitoring Service in Mildura

CCTV Monitoring Service

Secure Peace supplies and installs appropriate CCTV solutions. We are known for providing preventive and reactive maintenance. We are concerned about protecting the safety and integrity of your businesses in Mildura and Sunraysia. Even we help in the protection of staff, client welfare, property and asset protection, and public liability through the use of CCTV monitoring and response system for 24/7.

We have highly skilled and efficient Control Centre Operators along with the CCTV and Alarm technicians to cater to your peace of mind so you can run your business effectively. We function on a substantial cost-saving procedure.

Our CCTV Monitoring service in Mildura and Sunraysia is strictly governed by our CCTV code of conduct that is a part of our induction process.

We shall even create a  rightful maintenance and service plan for ensuring your security system optimally operates 24/7. 

We have trained operatives to alert the emergency services and initiate the related procedures as necessary to ensure a quick and correct response to the situations.

Through the use of digital technology, we work with our clients and identify their security needs, and meet their objectives by developing the systems to answer them. We are even prepared to ensure our clients have met the desired legal obligations.

CCTV System Integration

We have attained expertise across different types of electronic security, so our systems are able to integrate and form a robust system. We have our CCTV systems, which are intelligently linked to systems, which include:

  • Intruder Alarms
  • Access Control
  • Fire Detection
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Electronic Article Surveillance

The kinds of CCTV Systems We are Monitoring at  Secure Peace

We allow our clients to choose from a wide range of options based on their needs which include:

  • Dome Cameras
  • Hi-resolution color cameras
  • Pan title zoom or PTZ cameras
  • Infrared cameras
  • Day and night cameras
  • Digital video recorders or DVRs

The correct solution is determined by your property characteristics, like the size of the area under monitoring, the lighting level,  and the possibility of the presence of dark or hidden spots. We have our trained team of security experts to assess your residential or commercial property and then recommend the best suggestion.

Our team has made sure that 24-hour monitoring is rightly a part of your security solution, so you can be assured of your premises always being under the watchful eyes for responding to the security threats whenever necessary. Give us a phone call now or send us your inquiry to get to know the ways how efficiently can Secure Peace keep your residential or commercial property secured with alarm monitoring in Mildura and Sunraysia.

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