Everything You Should Know About Cash-in-Transit

Everything You Should Know About Cash-in-Transit
12 Oct 2020

Transporting the hard-earned cash and the valuable items like your high-ticket inventory items, jewelry and documents to your bank from your business or to its designated locations need the prompt services of cash-in-transit officials. In Mildura, the business operators abide by this method, more so because it is the safest and efficient way for transportation.

So, what is Cash-in-Transit all about?

The advanced and adequately trained security officers always handle cash-in-transit or CIT on behalf of the corporate firms in Mildura. They travel either on vehicles or on foot to the delivery point from the collection point wearing simple clothes. Their services ensure the valuables are safely transported to save time and money of the business in sending their own staffs in the transportations. Thus, the Cash in transit security Mildura officers hired from the reputed security agency serves to keep their clients' business staff and customers protected.

Who are the Beneficiaries of this CIT Service?

Despite most businesses migrating into the cashless transaction and digital money transfers, several industries need to transport their finances physically. These industries in Mildura benefit from the CIT services like supermarkets, banks, hotels, restaurants, petrol stations to name a few of them.

What Services Do the Business Owners Expect from CIT on Availing Them?

One hiring the cash-in-transit officials, the business owners enjoy a series of conveniences.

1.Risk Assessment

The CIT security teams conduct their individualized assessments to point out the potential risks they are to encounter like armed hold-ups, exposure to rough environmental elements, attacks, and likewise injuries. They even consider external factors like the business hours, efficient communication systems, and suitable vehicles and tools they should use for deciding the way to execute the transportation.

2.Secured Collection and Delivery

The security officers can handle the money collection and delivery as well as other valuable items. They communicate with the managers constantly or the in-charges regarding their progress. In case there are any encountered changes and issues, then they report the matters immediately. The trained security officers ensure the companies’ protection against various threats.

3.High Visibility or Discreet

Based on the situations, the CIT security officers adjust their visibility level. They use marked and unmarked vehicles wearing plain clothes over their security uniforms.

4.Specialized Skills

The capable security personnel respond to the security threats effectively during the delivery process and can even administer first aid, efficiently handle the bomb threats, and conduct the necessary responder tasks.

5.Conducting Safe Working Procedures

The CIT officer follows the general safety protocols during their duties like the health and safety considerations, right task delegations, suspicious behavior identification, and guidelines on responding to the security-related incidents.

6.Reports and Documentations

The entire process starting from collections to deliveries is correctly documented and consolidated in the report to be submitted to the clientele office.


CIT even covers your company properties’ insurances for strengthened protection. The insurance is sure to provide you the necessary peace of mind regardless of the circumstances.

The Innovations Acquired by CIT Security Officers

Over the years, the CIT security officers have acquired:

1.GPS Tracking and Alarm Systems

Now CIT vehicles are tracked with the help of GPS technologies. They even use the easy to activate alarm systems during emergencies.

2.Personal Protective Equipment or PPE

CIT security officers carry mobile communication equipment, firearms, portable duress alarms, and wear protective body armor or reflective clothing as protection tools while they are on duty.

Cash in transit is the reliable security service anyone can avail to make sure of safe business asset transportation. Owing to the CIT services, you save the time to make arrangements for the necessary logistics for transfers. Their hands-on experience and specialized training make them perfect for the job and you can even be at peace that safe hands are transporting your valuables.

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